Field mobile hospital

AKTIS 4x4.1R-08 SV PMP1.L
Field mobile hospital of first medical assistance has been designed for provision of first medical assistance on thestretchers. 
On them is wounded soldier transported for treatment. It allows workingin all seasons, during the day and night.

Technical description

Field mobile hospital of first medical assistance isinbuilt in box body of medium off-road vehicle AKTIS 4x4.1R-08. In the box body of the vehicle is inbuilt positioningoperating table, cabinet area for medical supplies such as tools, suturematerial, medicines, etc. Part of the set is double-axle closed-type trailer in which is stored equipment: tents, power generators, heating, air-conditioning, tent lightings and otherequipment.

Medical equipment

■ Electric Operating Table

■ Defibrillator – Lifepack

■ Ventilator - Pneupac -VentiPac

■ Suction pump

■ Steam sterilizer

■ Volumetric Infusion Pump

■ Cassette Autoclave

■ Mini Resuscitation Bag

■ Fridge 100 l

■ Bactericidal germicidalluminaries

■ Ice Maker

■ Cantilever lift Dhollandia



Featuresof the vehicle

■ two rigid axles with constantdrive

■ high throughput rate interrain due to suspension on longsemi-elliptic parabolic springs

■ powerful, modern, 6-cylinder,Euro 4 engine with power of 176 kW, with the possibility to operate on thebasis of the unified NATO fuel F-34

■ the gearbox forms amonobloc together with the engine and the clutch

■ in total 18 forwardspeed gears, 2 backward speed gears, fully synchronized gearbox

■ tactical self-sealing tyreswith profile 365/85 R20, tyres with simple mounting

■ central tyres inflatingsystem STIS

■ chassis electronic systemCAN BUS with a central on-board computer ZBR, with a control computer of driveblock FFR

■ dual-circuit brakesystem MAN Brake Matic with antiblock system ABS

■ three-seatedair-suspended and air-conditioned cabin

■ winch with hydraulicdrive with tow-rope pull of 63,5 kN

■ air-conditioned box

Technical data of the vehicle

Overall length truck7550 mm
Overall width truck2550 mm
Overall height3370 mm
Service weight9790 kg
Gross weight12 000 kg
Permissible train weight15 000 kg
Maximum speed90 km/h
Fuel Range700 km