Platform truck AKTIS 4x4.1R-08 VV

AKTIS is a double-axle vehicle with a constant drive of both axles, with a four-wheel drive 4x4, with a ladder continuous frame on which the axles with suspensions are fitted together with power steering, motor with gearbox and clutch, auxiliary clutch, winch, cab, bumper, brake elements, fuel and exhaust system, electrical parts, coach-building, front bumper, coupling devices, spare wheel, and box overpressure body

Emission standardEuro 4
Cylinder bore / stroke108 / 125 mm
Engine displacement6 871 cm3
Maximum rating176 kW at 2300 rpm
Maximum axial torque925 Nm at 1200 - 1800 rpm


The vehicle has been designed for transport of materials and persons and for special superstructures operable on roads and off-roads with the possibility to couple trailers. It can be used in temperate climate zones according to STN 03 8900-2-1 within temperature range from -30°C up to 50°C, and in environments with a relative humidity up to 98 % at temperature +30°C, and dustiness of surrounding air up to 1,5 g/m3 (measured at the height 0,5 m above the ground), and with wind speed up to 20 m/s.

Engine: MAN D 0836 LFL 50
Diesel, 4-stroke, liquid-cooled, 6-cylinder in-line engine with forced induction, with intercooler of the compression air, with Common-Rail fuel injection, with the possibility to operate on the basis of the unified NATO fuel F-34.

Dry, single-disc clutch with diaphragm spring, with asbestos-free lining and automatic setting, hydraulically controlled with a pneumatic booster.

ZF ECOMID 9S 1110, fully synchronized 9+1-speed gearbox, manually shifted. The gearbox forms a monobloc, together with the engine and the clutch.

Auxiliary gearbox:
Two-speed engine-torque distributor with a pneumatic gear shifting between the road and off-road running, with torque distributor ratio 1:1, with closure VSM management, with constant drive of the front axle.

Hydraulic compact steering ZF 8039, left-handed.

Rigid, with planetary gear train in the wheel hubs, with differential interlocks, drum brakes, the front axle steerable.

Front: progressively acting parabolic leaf springs and hydraulic telescopic shock absorbers.Rear: parabolic leaf springs, hydraulic telescopic shock absorbers.

Wheels and tyres: 
Disc wheels and self-sealing tyres with simple mounting. Profile 365/85 R20 XZL TL 164G. On request a central inflating system can be installed.

Made of two longitudinal U-section members and bolted tube cross members. A shackle for emergency towing is fitted on the front cross member, apertures for the coupling device are on the rear cross member.

Brake system:
MAN Brake Matic with antiblock system (ABS), with automatic setting of brake-shoes. There are four mutually independent kinds of brakes in the vehicle:

Service brake: dual air-circuit brake, with load-sensitive regulation, acting on all wheels.

Emergency brake: spring-loaded, acting directly on the rear wheels with linkage to the trailer’s brakes.

Parking brake: spring-loaded, acting directly on the rear wheels without linkage to the trailer’s brakes.

Engine brake: exhaust brake, actuated in connection with the brake pedal.

Electrical devices:
Voltage 24 V, negative pole grounded to frame.2 x 12 V / 175 Ah accumulator batteries, alternator 28 V / 110 A, starter 24 V / 4 kW.Halogen head lights. Fog lamps. Camouflage lighting. Sockets in accordance with the NATO requirements for trailers with ABS brakes and socket for jump-starting.

Driver’s cab:
MAN TGM L32A standard cab-over-engine arrangement for 3 soldiers with equipment. Furniture and accessories of the cab secure good working conditions for the driver. Standard heating depends on the engine’s temperature. Automated air-conditioning with an efficient ventilation system. Adjustable inclination and height of the steering wheel. Windscreen equipped with heating of its bottom part (windscreen wipers do not freeze onto the windscreen). Preparation for auto-radio installation, based on request including the auto-radio supply. The cab’s roof equipped with an observation roof door aperture. Integrated brackets for military equipment. The cab can be hydraulically tilted. High anticorrosive protection of the overall metal structure secures high endurance. Cab mounts air-suspended at rear.

With hydraulic drive, located within the frame between longitudinal members, designed as an auxiliary device for towing the vehicle when adverse terrain conditions occur, for loads skidding, or eventually for vehicle skidding. Towing force on the rope’s first layer 6,350 kg, rope’s diameter ∅ 12 mm, rope’s length 46 m. The winch is supplied as an optional item based on request.

Trailer coupling:
For towing trailers up to gross weight 12,000 kg a self-operated trailer coupling is installed at the vehicle rear with the pivot diameter 40 mm. There is an auxiliary coupling mounted in the front for direct towing up to maximum vehicle weight 12,000 kg.

Hydraulic rear platform:
The vehicle can be equipped with a rear loadlift hydraulic platform DHOLLANDIA type DHLM 50 with loading capacity 1,500 kg.

Fuel Tank:
1 x 300 l. Located on the right side of the vehicle and equipped with a device indicating the amount of fuel in the tank.

Technical data:

Overall length7,378 mm
Overall widthmax. 2,550 mm
Overall heightmax. 3,350 mm
Clearance heightmin. 389 mm
Approach anglefront32°
Departure angle3,900 mm
Wheeltrackfront2,081 mm
rear2,086 mm
Curb weight8,160 kg
Gross vehicle weight13000 kg
Permissible gross train weight25000 kg
Maximum speed (with speed limiter))85 km/h.
Gradeability/b]60 %
Fordability750 mm
Climbing ability (vertical step)400 mm
Crossing ability (trench width)700 mm