Commanders truck AKTIS 4x4.1R-08 SV ŠA

The vehiclehas been designed as a commanders vehicle with the appropriate equipment, operableon the roads and off-roads. 
On the standard ladder frame of double-axle chassis,with a constant drive of both axles, 
is by torsion-swinging suspension mounted a boxoverpressure body.


AKTIS 4X4.1R-08

The vehicle is constructed foruse in climate zone within the temperature range from - 30°C up to +50°C, and in environments with a relative humidity up to 98 % at temperature +30°C,and dustiness of surrounding air up to 1,5 g/m³.

Design of the chassis with progressively acting parabolic springs and torsion stabilizers, with driveof the modern powerful driving-gear,gives the vehicle a prerequisite for reliable operationon the roads and off-roads with the respect to the environment. The vehicleprovides ultimate comfort and high safety for 3-member crew


Hermetically sealed boxbody formed from steelgrid with sandwich circuit panels, mounted by torsion-swinging system tothe chassis frame.

Version of the box body:

■ filtered ventilation ofair

■ separate independentair-conditioning

■ independent dieselheating

■ distribution ofelectricity ~ 230V/50Hz

■ emergency power supply – UPS

■ possibility ofconnection to external electricity network of TNC system

■ access to the variouscommunication and data systems

■ individual workstationsequipped with communication and electric connections

■ outdoor equipment (tentshelter, independent heating, map boards, exterior lighting, ...)


■ two rigid axles with constantdrive,

■ high throughput rate in terrain due to suspension on long semi-elliptic parabolicsprings,

■ powerful, modern, 6-cylinder,Euro 4 engine with power of 176 kW, with the possibility to operate on thebasis of the unified NATO fuel F-34,

■ the gearbox forms a monobloc togetherwith the engine and the clutch,

■ in total 18 forwardspeed gears, 2 backward speed gears, fully synchronized gearbox,

■ tactical self-sealing tyreswith profile 365/85 R20, tyres with simple mounting,

■ central tyres inflatingsystem STIS,

■ chassis electronic systemCAN BUS with a central on-board computer ZBR, with a control computer of driveblock FFR,

■ dual-circuit brakesystem MAN Brake Matic with antiblock system ABS,

■ three-seatedair-suspended and air-conditioned cabin,

■ winch with hydraulicdrive with tow-rope pull of 63,5 kN,

■ long maintenance intervals and highlifetime,

■ air-conditioned box overpressurebody.

Technical data of the vehicle

Overall length7800 mm
Overall widthmax. 2550 mm
Overall heightmax. 3350 mm
Clearance heightmin. 389 mm
Wheel base 3900 mm
Approach angle 33°
Departure angle 30°
Service weight10 000 kg
Gross weight12 000 kg
Capacity weight 2000 kg
Permissible train weight13 500 kg
Max. speed(with speed limit)89 km/h.
Gradient60 %
Fording depth750 mm
Step climbing ability 430 mm
Crossing ability(trench width)700 mm